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Essentials of Hinduism

Srimad Ramayana

Kishkinda Kanda

Rama was having difficulty forgetting Bharatha who returned to Ayodya disappointed and He was deeply affected losing Sita at Panchavati. Lakshmana was confident of finding Sita and consoled Rama. At Pambai, they arrived at an Ashrama where an old lady Chabari recognized Rama through her Jnyana eyes due to her Prayers and dhyanas for years. She died after taking care of their needs and getting Rama’s blessings. Then the brothers proceeded towards Rishyamuka where they found a group of Vanaras. The group got confused looking at these courageous men and fled away leaving one Vanara (Anjaneya) alone to handle them who is capable of handling any situation. Anjaneya commented they look like Devas but dressed as Tapasvis. By now Rama judged Anjaneya to be Well Learned and decided to get his friendship. Lakshmana explained their past experiences and wanted to meet with Sugriva to get his help. Anjaneya explained that Sugriva is the Vanaras’ Leader and with Rama’s approval, He carried them to Sugriva. Rama and Sugriva exchanged each other’s plight.

Sugriva has a Brother Vali who ruled Kishkinda. Mayavi, a devil, attacked Kishkinda and so the two Brothers went after him. Mayavi went inside a cave. Vali asked his Brother to wait outside and went inside the cave to fight with Mayavi. Even after one year, Vali did not arrive. Sugriva presumed his Brother as dead, and to prevent Mayavi to come out, he blocked the cave opening with a big rock. Then he returned to Kishkinda and he was made the King. Vali was not dead - infact he killed Mayavi, somehow removed the rock and returned to Kishkinda. Although Sugriva explained the situation, Vali did not believe him and was angry at his Brother. He drove away Sugriva from Kishkinda and also apprehended his Wife. Due to a past curse from Madanga Maharishi at Rishyamuka, Vali could not enter there, and if he enters his Ashrama, he will die. Knowing this Truth, Sugriva was hiding with Anjaneya and His group at Rishyamuka.

An agreement was made between Rama and Sugriva. Rama promised Sugriva to kill Vali and make him the King of Kishkinda again. In return, Sugriva will provide his Vanara troops to help Rama find Sita. In accordance with this arrangement, Sugriva went to Kishkinda and challenged Vali to fight. It should be stated here that Vali and Sugriva looked alike. When the fight ensured, Rama was supposed to shoot an arrow from a hideout and kill Vali. However, because the Brothers looked alike, Rama got confused to identify Vali and so did not do anything. Since Vali is stronger of the two Brothers, Sugriviva lost and he was upset with Rama. However, Rama resolved this issue now. He asked Sugriva to wear a garland, and asked Sugriva to challenge Vali again and he did that. Vali’s Wife Tara is an intelligent Woman. She knew that Rama and Lakshmana are in Kishkinda and she sensed Sugriva is getting their help. Due to this thought, she requested Vali to become friendly with his Brother Sugriva. However, Vali was adamant and went to fight with his Brother again. Rama shot an arrow and Vali fell down. Rama explained to Vali that he his mistreating his Brother Sugriva. After prolonged conversation, Vali realized he was going to die and realized his mistake and apologized to Sugriva. He asked Sugriva to rule Kishkinda and make his Son Angada to be the Crown Prince. Also, before he died, Vali asked Sugriva to wear a gold chain he got from Indra. This chain doubles his strength against enemies. Vali died saying Rama’s name and attained Mukthi. As Rama could not enter Kishkinda Town as He is supposed to do Vanavasa, Lakshmana went for Sugriva’s Pattabisheka.

For 3,4 months Rama and Lakshmana had to stay inside a cave due to the rainy season. Sugriva was enjoying himself during this time. When rains stopped, Anjaneya reminded Sugriva that he has to help Rama now. However, Sugriva was drunk and did not care. Eventually, Rama lost patience and asked Lakshmana to meet with Sugriva to give a threat warning. Also, Angada tried to explain the situation to his uncle but to no avail. Later, Anjaneya convinced Sugriva that without Rama’s help he would not have got back his Kingdom. Tara politely convinced Lakshmana that Sugriva will meet with him. Later Sugriva apolozised for his mistakes and asked Angada to organize the Troops.

Sugriva selected four Commanders for search in the North, South, East and West Directions. He made Angada the Commander for the South troops and Anjaneya to help him. He ordered that within one month they should return to Kishkinda after the search. After thorough search, the North, East and West Troops returned without success. Rama gave his ring to Anjaneya to give to Sita. The South Troops also did thorough search in the Forest and met a old lady inside a fruit garden. She was in Dhyana Mode. Anjaneya went to her and enquired details about that place. She fed fruits to all the Troops after Anjaneya explained the purpose of their visit. She learned about Rama. She realized they were involved in a Spiritual Task. She asked everyone to close the eyes. When they opened their eyes, everyone was staying in front of the Sea at the shore. Everyone became very pessimistic now and wanted to return to Kishkinda and Angada had to encourage them. Anjaneya felt they should try to find Sita. Now they were threatened by a old Eagle. However, since they were talking about Jatayu, the Bird introduced as Jatayu’s Brother Sampati. Angada enquired if Sampati could help them to find Sita. Even at the old age, Sampati had sharp eyes and due to the Yogic Power, identified Sita, located Sita in captivity inside SriLanka surrounded by demons.

This news was welcomed by everyone. However, no one came forward to cross the Sea and return safely. The bear Jambava is very intelligent. Jambava knew that only Anjaneya had the capacity to cross the Sea 100 Yojanas (90 miles) distance away and will return safely. He also knew that unless Anjaneya is reminded of his full Strength and Power, He is unaware of his capabilities. So he spoke confident words to Anjaneya and with these words, Anjaneya realized His Full Potential. He grew to Big Size and with full power proceeded up in the air towards the Sea. We have to realize here that in order to find Sita, Rama had sought the help of the Birds (Jatayu, Sampati) and Animals (Anjaneya, Sugriva, Angada, Jambava and so on) – There is a Tamil Phrase: Vallavanukku Pullum Ayudam! (for a Skilled Person, even Grass becomes a Tool). This concludes the Kishkinda Kanda.

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