Why Purattasi month is considered so sacred???

Each Tamil month is very special. Apart from important festivals, Purattasi month deserves very special compared to other months. An important celestial occurrence happens in this month. Want to know what they were. Then this article will help you know. Read and enjoy it.

Purattasi special

The rituals in Tamil culture are purely based on the healthy living of human beings. The important celebrations in this month are Purattasi Saturdays, Maavilakku, Mahalaya Amavasay and Durga Navarathri. Purattasi month is dedicated to Lord Venkatajalapathy. It is believed that Lord Venkatajalapathy came to earth this month. Special prayers are offered at Tirupathi hills.

Purattasi Saturdays

All Saturdays are considered very auspicious. In this whole Purattasi month, Lord Venkatachalapathy is worshipped with fasting in Saturdays as it is a favorite day for the lord. In Kottaimalai, near Vellore, there is a Vishnu temple called Padavedu Kottaimalai Sri Venugopalaswamy temple at the top of hills which is opened only on saturdays from 9 AM to 4 PM. The miracle in that temple is that only in Purattasi saturdays, the sun rays falls exactly on the feet of the lord and raises to head in the early morning. Knowone knows on which Saturday this happens. This temple is around 200 km away from Chennai.
Sani Bhagavaan

Worshiping Sani Bhagavan in Purattasi Saturdays is also considered as an important one because during this time it is believed that Sani bhagavan losses its malefic powers. So worshiping this month will fetch more benefits.

Purattasi Maavilakku


Maavilakku on Purattasi saturdays are very important for Tamilians. The reason behind this ritual is that Lord Venkatajalapathy expects his devotees to be close to him in hills. However that is not possible for every one due to myriad reasons. For those who could not travel to Tirupati hills can light Maavillakku in their homes and worship Lord Vishnu by chanting thy name 'Govinda'. Thy blesses them through rays of Maavillakku light. Scientifically the carbon emitted through the mixture of rice flour and cow's ghee will destroy all ill radiation from the home.

Mahalaya Amavasay

Every Tamil month has one Amavasay or New moon day and only on that day tharpanam or oblations are given to our ancestors. However Purattasi month Amavasay is considered as auspicious one. The reason behind that is, only on this month our ancestors come to earth and stay here for first 15 days before New moon and entire 15 days is auspicious for giving tharpanam or oblations for our ancestors. The waning period of moon is called Krishna Paksham in sanskrit. Purattasi month Amavasay is called Mahalaya Paksham. By performing these rituals we will be blessed twice by our ancestors.

Purattasi Navaratri

Navaratri Kolu
In Sanskrit Nava means nine and Rathri means night. Purattasi Navaratri is called as Durga Navaratri and most important among Navaratri's. This month marks beginning of winter. Autumnal equinox occurs on this month. An important celestial occurrence is that the sun crosses the celestial equator and moves southward in north hemisphere.

Some people fast during Navaratri days. The reason behind the fasting is that to equip the body to the changing climate. Tamil culture rituals are based on the fact “living harmony with nature". Navaratri Golu is one of the most important function. Golu means deploying dolls of deities, saints and human beings in an order. The first three days are for worshipping Devi Durga. Next three days for worshipping Devi Lakshmi. Last three days for worshipping Devi Saraswathi. On the tenth day Saraswathi Pooja or Ayudha Pooja is celebrated. This is good way of socializing too.

Among the Tamil months only on this Purattasi month fast of meat eating is observed. As I said in the beginning of the article this is the special feature, Purattasi month deserves.

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