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Participate in Navaratri Puja and Chandi Homam

Navaratri Puja

Navaratri Puja: Navaratri Puja will be conducted with invocation on first day and regular Pujas on all the days by Eminent Priests.
Durga Saptashati Parayana: Durga Saptashati parayana will be conducted every day after Puja with sankalpam for welfare of performer.
Chandi Homa: On Vijayadashami a grand Navachandi homa will be performed for peace, prosperity and success.
Akshara Abhyasa: On Vijayadashami, Giri welcomes one and all to sponsor education for one needy child and light the lamp of wisdom.
During Navaratri, Navaratri puja, Kolu, Durga Saptashati parayana will be conducted every day in Mangadu Premisis.
This will be followed by Navachandi Homa on Vijayadashami. All are welcome to witness and participate in this grand celebration.

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