Interesting news about Buddha Purnima

Buddha Purnima is celebrated to mark the birth of Gautam Buddha in India and some of South-East Asian countries. Buddha Purnima is also known as Vesak or Buddha Jayanti.
Buddha Purnima

Lumbini Nepal is the place where Gautam Buddha born and he passed out in Kushinagar, India. Buddha Purnima is celebrated in many countries which includes Japan, China, Korea, Cambodia, Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Nepal, Australia, Philippines, India, USA and Canada in different ways.
Gautam Buddha gave his first sermon to five monks in Saranath near Varanasi which is an important place in Buddhism. A large fair will be held at Sarnath on this day.
Eventhough Buddha is the founder of new religion Buddhism, he is not considered as God. He is considered as a part of Brahma-Vishnu-Maheshwar trinity and also the ninth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
People wear white clothes, distribute Kheer and visit Buddha temples to pay respect on this day.

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