Aadi Perukku also known as Pathinettam Perukku is a very significant festival observed during the Tamil month of Aadi. This festival is observed on the 18th day during the Tamil month of ‘Adi’ that corresponds to the months of mid-July-mid-August, as per the Gregorian calendar. Aadi means the Tamil month & Perukku means multiplying / raising. It is also called as Pathinnettam Perukku as it is celebrated on the 18th day of the Aadi month.
Significance behind Aadi Perukku festival
Aadi Perukku honours the life-sustaining properties of water, one of the Nature’s gifts to mankind. On this day Mother Nature is worshipped in the form of Amman deities. It is more like a thanksgiving ceremony for Nature’s bountiful grace on mankind.
Aadi Perukku festival celebration
Women folk perform Aadi Perukku Pooja on the banks of the river. They take holy dip in the river and wear new clothes. Aadi Perukku Pooja includes water rituals include placing special lamps on the river. Women also perform sacred sumangali puja and offer new mangal sutras (sacred thread) to other married women. Since the festival has deep connections towards prosperity, many people worship various Gods and deities. People also perform pujas and homas for Goddess Lakshmi, as the occasion symbolizes flow of fertility and prosperity.
Another important ritual of this day at the villages is the ritual of sprouting or germination of the nine grains or the navadhanyam in a mud pot. This is called as Muzhaipari and is a very important ritual which is celebrated reverently almost in every village. Ladies in the villages carry earthen pots with grown grains on their heads and walk in a procession towards the river where the grains are dissolved towards the end of the celebrations. The Village goddess is beautifully decorated and she is also taken in the procession. The significance of performing this ritual is that by performing this ritual and offering prayers, the Goddess for rain and fertility of land will bless the people and the village for a rich harvest.
Benefits of the Aadi Perukku
By offering special prayers and poojas at the temples, people pray for a good harvest, constant supply of water and hassle free monsoon.
Offering rituals on this day bestows wealth and prosperity and multiplies the benefits as Perukku means multiply.
Required Pooja Samagiri

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