Rama Navami Special from Giri

Rama Navami is the famous festival of Hindus to celebrate the birth of SriRam, seventh avatar of Lord Vishnu. Only in this avatar, Lord Vishnu had taken human form to defeat Adharma in the Earth. Ramar was born on this day at noon in Ayodhya, when five planets and sun were in the first house of cancer with lunar asterism Pushya.
Rama Navami
Many temples celebrate Rama Navami for nine days. SriRam’s birth will be held on ninth day afternoon. Infant images or idols of Rama are placed in the cradles and worshipped at the birth time of Rama.

In this beautiful day, Giri family serves you with lots of wonderful Ramar idols.

   Ram Darbar (3 x 5)

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Ramar PataAbishekam

  Ramar PataAbisheka Set

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Ramar Set

    Ramar Set (5.075 kgs)

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 Ramar Set

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Similarly, lots of idols are there with best price ranges. Giri family wishes you Happy Rama Navami.

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